Biden’s Memory Slip: Believes McCain, Not Obama, Was His Predecessor

Joe Biden has continued to look worse in the days following his State of the Union Address. I wonder if anyone at the White House notices because it is hard to comprehend how or why they let him embarrass himself this way.

Biden, who was in New Hampshire on Monday for an “official visit” to Goffstown to discuss the “lowering of costs for American families,” was a hot mess.

“Last night — not long ago, my buddy John McCain passed away,” he said at one point during his speech.

McCain didn’t die last night. Biden’s correction to say “not long ago”, about McCain’s death, is a good thing, but it also suggests that Biden doesn’t know when McCain passed away, which was August 2018 – nearly six years ago. It’s obvious that “not long ago” is a subjective measure, but Biden probably thinks that McCain died more recently than he actually did.

But that’s still not the worst of it. He said after mentioning McCain: “My predecessor, and friend, who went – that’s how his career ended.”

I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to him on the question of when McCain passed away, but it’s impossible to explain his reference to McCain as being his predecessor.

Remember how the media gushed about Biden’s State of the Union address? In that speech, he referred to “my predecessor” 13 times. It seems that he understood at the time that he was referring to Donald Trump. Biden’s mind decided, between Thursday night and Monday afternoon that McCain, not Trump, was his predecessor. Imagine that.

Biden, did you forget that McCain was his actual opponent in 2008? If Biden forgets, McCain was the Republican candidate for president in 2008. He ran against Barack Obama while Biden was running mate.

Biden may like to say that McCain is a good friend of his, but it didn’t stop him from making personal attacks on him during the campaign. In October 2008 Biden called McCain “an angry man,” and said he took “the low way to the highest office of the country.”

Why didn’t Joe defend McCain when his campaign accused him of racism? Why didn’t Joe Biden defend McCain when Obama accused him of scaring voters by saying Obama’s “funny” name or that “he does not look like the other presidents who are on these dollar bills”?

Biden had the audacity even to accuse McCain that he did not support our troops and wanted to cut their funding. What a ridiculous thing to say about a former POW and his “buddies”.

At least for the moment, it’s obvious that his handlers are no longer doing what they did for the State of the Union. His demeanor has changed dramatically. He is unable to speak spontaneously without making mistakes. His brain also seems to be breaking regularly.

We are only in the middle of March. Just under eight months remain until Election Day. Trust me, this guy is not going to improve.