Biden’s Department of Labor Fumbles Basic Language for the Communities It Vows to Support

If Joe Biden is re-elected it’s a safe bet that his government will reverse the Trump tax cuts. Spending money is not something I dislike as long as it’s for quality products or services. Stately Brown Manor will be getting a brand new dishwasher today. It’s not because it is something we wanted, but rather, the old dishwasher has died. Although I was not thrilled with the cost, we got our money’s value out of the purchase.

Not so much when it comes to the federal government. It happens more often than I like that a little bit of information is brought to my attention that reminds me of Americans fund… I don’t know what we fund at this point. But I do know that somebody gets paid a GS to come up with the following.

Did you know May 28 is Menstrual Hygiene Day? You have no reason to. Even though I’m a little sad. Every year, it seems that Menstrual Hygiene Day is becoming more commercialized. The Department of Labor posted a blog to commemorate this event. It was not about women, but rather menstruators.

If you’re interested, the DOL recommends, among other things: “ensure menstruators have private access to products and provide a variety of period products.”


The blog offers some good tips, but they can all be found under “Common Workplace Etiquette.” The word “women”, which is usually found in blogs, is only used three times, in the blog. This is the phrase “Women’s Bureau.” The article never mentions actual women. I’m not sure about you, I was raised with the idea that women should be treated with respect and decency. In fact, my parents raised me to respect both women and men. In today’s world, anyone can call themselves a “menstruator.”

This is not the only thing that annoys me. Chaya Raichik stated in a blog post on X, that she was a woman and not a period-bearer. The federal government and a significant portion of the population who have taken a vacation from reality can’t tell anyone what a woman looks like, so “menstruator,” I suppose, is up for grabs.

This is how the blog will open:

The Women’s Bureau will be breaking down stereotypes to commemorate Menstrual Hygiene Day. These stigmas have made menstruation taboo in the workplace. Menstruation affects half of the population, yet is often overlooked at work. Perhaps it’s because it’s viewed as a private issue or is uncomfortable to talk about.

Was it the last time you heard such a conversation in the office? It’s not taboo, it’s simply good manners to allow a woman to attend to her business in the most peace, quiet, comfort and dignity possible. It is also polite to refer to a female as a lady. As is standard in government, Bill from Accounting discovered last week that he was non-binary by spending a couple of days on TikTok. The Post Millennial put it so well:

In Biden’s administration, the terms “mother”, “woman”, “uterus” and “cervix” have been replaced by “menstruator”, “cervix owner”, “birther” and other reproductive functions or body parts to appease those that believe men and women can change their biological gender through belief, medication and surgery.

Your tax dollars are at work. Erasing the women.