Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal Keeps Getting Bigger

Emails from the National Archives have been revealed to show that Joe Biden’s scandal with classified documents is much bigger than initially believed.

According to the New York Post, the emails refer to Joe Biden’s lawyers handing over documents in Boston. This “confirms a little-known fact in the chronology for Biden’s classified documents scandal,” the New York Post reports.

Gary Stern, National Archives general counsel, wrote to Biden attorneys Patrick Moore, and Bob Bauer on November 7, 2022: “Please make sure that the boxes in your Boston office are secure and kept in a locked area and not accessible by anyone.”

This letter was sent five days following the discovery by Biden’s lawyers of classified documents in Joe’s office at Penn Biden Center, Washington, D.C.

CNN reported last month, that Moore had transferred documents from the Penn Biden Center into his Boston legal office. The documents were not considered sensitive, according to the report. The new emails, however, “raise questions about nature of documents given protocols required by the National Archives.”

When asked Friday about the Boston boxes, White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre claimed that she was unaware of their existence. She directed reporters to Ian Sams, White House counsel’s spokesperson.

It’s a big surprise. Jean-Pierre seems to not know much about the White House and has so far refused to provide any information.

Joe Biden insists that there is nothing there, but the White House continues to hide information from the public.