Biden’s Bizarre Remarks on Baltimore Bridge Collapsing Leads to Reporter Chaos

There was a horrific collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which was caused by a cargo vessel hitting the bridge early Tuesday morning. At the latest update, six construction workers were still missing. Two people have been rescued.

Joe Biden has now weighed in with his opinion on the collapse of the bridge, and he slurred throughout his remarks. He stated that eight people were still missing. He said the accident was an accident and “nothing else” indicated otherwise at this time.

He stated that the federal government would pay for the reconstruction of the bridge.

He said something bizarre, claiming to have traveled across the bridge “many times” commuting by train or car from Delaware.

There was no rail over the bridge. Once again, Biden seemed confused. Biden seemed to be trying to position himself on the bridge. He does this to appease whoever he is talking to. If he believed it had a railway, then he had never been on it.

Biden had trouble with his teleprompter as well.

Biden told reporters that he wouldn’t be taking any questions and he was going to visit Baltimore as soon as he could.

Are there any chances he’ll visit Baltimore faster than East Palestine? It took more than a full year to accomplish that.

A reporter asked him if he was putting Israel in the wrong by not vetoing a UN Security Council Resolution calling for an instant ceasefire. A reporter inquired about Israel’s decision, as a result of the meeting cancellation in D.C. Biden did not want to answer the question. His staff probably had not prepared him.

He wandered out as his staff told the reporters to leave. They didn’t want Biden answering questions, and he quickly booked it out of there.