Biden’s Approval Falls Near the Lowest of His Presidency

Joe Biden’s approval rating in March was the lowest since he became president. This is despite persistent inflation, bank failures and continuing to drag down his numbers.

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Poll today shows that 38% of Americans don’t approve of Biden’s performance as president — just below the 36% who voted for Biden last July.

Biden’s policies have made most Americans unhappy or disappointed. Many left-leaning voters are disappointed Biden didn’t do more.

Biden’s economic marks are even lower. Only 31% approve of Biden’s economic stewardship. This is roughly the same level as it was in the past year.

Biden’s overall approval is higher than his economic approval. This is due in large part to Democrats. This is largely due to Democrats. 76% approve Biden’s job and 63% approve of his economy handling.

Biden’s approval ratings may be affected by the fact that Democrats under 45 feel less positive about the president’s economic leadership. This is compared to 72% of Democrats above 45.

Only 25% of Americans think the country’s economy is in a good place or heading in the right direction, according to the poll

“We put so much money into the system — that’s a little frustrating. That’s why we were shocked when our got hit with inflation while a lot our policy were inflationary,” said Republican Michael McComas, from Michigan.

Interesting facts were also revealed by the same poll about Americans’ attitudes to the banking crisis. 56% of Americans believe banks are not adequately regulated. This is a position that both sides share.

Americans don’t believe in the future of the economy.

According to the poll, there has been very little improvement in the US’s economic outlook since the beginning of the year. This is before the banking crisis. They are considered poor by three quarters of respondents.

But, 43% of Democrats believe the economy is good while 7% consider it to be bad.

Half the Americans consider their financial situation excellent, compared to 6 out of 10 Americans last year. Approximately 6 out of 10 Democrats and half the Republicans give positive assessments of their current financial condition.

Republicans are more likely than Democrats to predict that their finances would worsen if they have a Democrat in power (36% versus 15%). 38% of Democrats believe their finances will improve, while 22% say the opposite.

Joe Biden still has a long way to go before he reaches a 50% approval rating with voters. This is a sign that his campaign for reelection is in serious trouble. Biden might want to retire if inflation continues being a top concern.