Biden Uses Virginia Speech To Talk About Trump, Putting America On The Right Track, & His Racist Friend

President Joe Biden’s speech in Virginia was a disaster, especially after he seemed more fixated on former president Donald Trump than endorsing Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe. He mentioned Trump by name 24 times and went on to claim that the United States is on the “right track.” He didn’t mention record inflation, high gas prices, or the fact that some shelves might be empty this Holiday season. It’s just another indication that the Democrats live in a completely different reality.

President Biden made it to northern Virginia where he attempted to namedrop Trump in his 17-minute speech despite Trump neither campaigning nor endorsing Youngkin for the race. Biden urged Virginians to vote McAuliffe for governor, adding that they are “on the move” and “on the right track” but that they’ve got to do more. He even tried to boast about the stock market “highs” and how Donald Trump was the only president since Herbert Hoover to experience more jobs lost than gained during his four years in office. He failed to mention government shutdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of the job losses.

Biden has continued to make the same promises that bypassing his infrastructure package, people can have access to better infrastructure and internet access across the state. He has also talked about passing his spending bill in order to provide free pre-school, free child care, cheaper prescription drugs, and replacing lead pipes in homes and schools across the nation.

The agenda has been stalled due to Democrats infighting, which has also led the president’s approval ratings to drop significantly. This is on top of a chaotic pullout from Afghanistan, a border crisis, and continued lockdowns and mask mandates over the surge of the “more contagious” Delta variant.

Biden went so far as to bash McAuliffe’s opponent Youngkin as an “acolyte of Donald Trump,” adding that he won’t allow Trump to campaign for him in the state. He claimed that Youngkin is willing to pledge his loyalty to Trump in private but not in public. “What’s he trying to hide? Is there a problem with Trump being here? Is he embarrassed?” Biden asked.

Biden even went on to praise Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, who faced his own blackface scandal in 2019. He was interacting with the crowd when talking about how much he appreciates the current governor but did not mention his history of racism. Benny Johnson, of the Benny Johnson Show, even pointed out how Biden called the current governor, who is best known for wearing Klan robes and blackface, his “pal.”

Biden was seen mingling maskless with many supporters and was even interrupted by hecklers opposing the Line 3 oil pipeline. This is similar to the reactions Vice President Kamala Harris has been receiving as well. In some cases, people can be heard changing “Let’s go Brandon.”

Biden’s speech was nothing but name-dropping Trump, mumbling about Ralph Northam, and avoiding hecklers. There’s a reason he’s in front of the camera as little as possible.