Biden to Propose $37 Billion to Fight the Violent Crime His Policies Helped Create

It’s an election year, which means that politicians will offer all sorts of solutions to problems that don’t exist or cannot be solved.

Joe Biden will visit Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania) today to inform voters that the violence infiltrating American cities is not his fault. He also wants to spend $37 billion to fix it.

It is being called an “anti-crime” bill, when it really should be called the “We Democrats were completely wrong about defunding police” bill.

According to the White House, $13 billion would be used to hire 100,000 officers. The sound you hear is that of black activists’ heads going berserk. If you listen to the democrats, that number is likely close to the number of law enforcement jobs lost during the “defund police” movement.

But, wait! There’s more!

Fox News:

Before the official announcement, senior officials from the Biden administration described parts of Biden’s proposal. His plan will also include $3B to clear backlogs in courts and settle cases involving murders or guns. President Trump also plans to spend $15 billion on a grant program to fund ideas to prevent violent crime and create a public health response for nonviolent incidents. This will help reduce the burden on law enforcement.

The $5 billion remaining would be used to support programs that prevent violence from ever happening.

Biden’s suggestion comes as Republicans try to gain leverage in November’s midterm elections, portraying Democrats as unwilling to confront criminality.

Fox News reported that President Biden will be driving a stark contrast to congressional Republicans tomorrow. “You’ll hear him describe how he and Congressional Democrats funded the police and took action to combat crime.”

The White House aide drank the beans. Biden doesn’t want to see 100,000 more police officers in the streets. Biden wants to end the “defund police” charge Republicans used to murder Democrats in 2020.

$15 billion to “fund ideas to prevent violent crime” or create a public response to nonviolent crimes is the remainder of the anti-crime legislation. If you are talking about “funding Ideas,” fifteen billion dollars is quite a large sum.

Congress is far too late to pass a crime bill that could have an impact on the 2022 midterms. Republicans want to make violent crime a major issue in 2024. Democrats will be completely forgetful about the defunding of police and other reforms they passed to make it easier for violent criminals.