Biden Reportedly Slams Netanyahu with Vulgar Insult (But Who’s the Real Culprit?)

On Sunday night, the Israeli Defense Forces performed admirably in Gaza while the rest was distracted by the football match played in Las Vegas with several celebrities.

IDF and Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, launched a daring operation in the southern Gaza Strip to rescue two Hamas hostages that were captured 128 days ago. IDF spokesperson Lt.Col. said that the men had been held hostage for more than a year. Richard Hecht is originally from Scotland. The operation was based upon “precise” information and the breaching of the residential building where the hostages were held on the 2nd level.

Soldiers used explosives to blow up the building. As Hamas gunmen emerged, a firefight broke out both inside and outside of the building. IDF armored cars and airstrikes were used in response. Hecht, an IDF officer, said that they were ready for any situation and had been planning for “some time”.

Two hostages were saved with a great deal of effort. Israel was successful in rescuing two hostages.

Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), a congresscritter, described the rescue operation in this manner. Of course, he did. “While we watched the Super Bowl, Netanyahu launched several attacks in Rafah that killed innocent civilians – an area to which many refugees had fled relative safety. This was despite Biden’s warnings. ” Netanyahu’s Government cannot be trusted with anything.

Hamas still has around 100 hostages hidden in its hideouts. The slang used is “according to local health officials”. ” Local health officials work in Gaza for Hamas. This terror group is dedicated to the destruction of Jews and their genocide.

Sunday night, the rescue operation lasted approximately 30 minutes. The rescue operation was watched in real-time by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli officials.

Joe Biden called him “a** hole’ for his class.

NBC News reported in the hours after yesterday’s raid that “at least 3 people who were directly familiar with Biden’s comments said that Biden had called Netanyahu an a**hole, a minimum of three times recently.”


According to these people, his description of his dealings with Netanyahu includes contemptuous remarks referring to Netanyahu as “this guy”.

It is impossible to tell from the NBC report whether Biden made his a**h*** remarks to show that he can still deal with a difficult and fast-paced situation or if it was a tacit admission that Grampa gets irritable if he doesn’t get what he wants.

When you compare and contrast the thousands of American friends and allies Biden left behind in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, with the efforts by the IDF to safely bring home only two Israeli hosts and the ongoing efforts this tiny country makes to bring the remaining hostages home, it is clear who the real a**hole is.