Biden Refuses To Denounce Antifa/BLM Violence

In the first presidential debate, Joe Biden dismissed the idea that Antifa was left-wing violent extremism and was nothing more than just “an idea.” The former vice president looks at Antifa as more of an ideology or movement rather than an organization of violent anarchist extremists.

Not only did Biden refuse to condemn Antifa, but he also refused to condemn Antifa by its name despite months of BLM/Antifa rioting. During the debates, he just condemned “violence” in general and things were left at that. He wasn’t pressed by moderator Chris Wallace on the issue, although Wallace asked Trump repeatedly to condemn white supremacists. 

The pressing on Trump was less relevant as he has never been tied or connected to white supremacists and has even declared the KKK a terrorist organization. Biden, on the other hand, is connected to BLM/Antifa people. He spent all summer embracing the riots and using campaign money to help get “protesters” out of jail. This was never mentioned during the debates, nor did Wallace press Biden on the criminal support he’s received. 

Andy Ngo, an independent journalist who has covered much of the Antifa violence, spoke out against Biden for his remarks. 

“Biden’s statement shows that on this subject, he – and the Democrats – want to keep the liberal status quo, which is to downplay and deny the threat of the organized militant far-left. What people need to know about Antifa is that it is an ideology and movement that includes organized cells or groups. You don’t maintain sustained months of rioting in places like Seattle and Portland without members, participants, and money,” Ngo told Fox News. 

Other journalists and filmmakers also chastised Biden’s debate remarks that Antifa was just an idea saying that they watched “that idea burn down buildings.” What kind of an idea is that?

Biden has spent too much time in the basement to see that Antifa is terrorizing the country with uniforms, flags, structure, and even their own funding. The organization has caused mass injury and destruction to communities nationwide. But hey, 120 days of burning Portland is just an idea, right? 

This alone proves Biden’s incompetence as a candidate to properly answer the question or face against the radical left. It was his time to denounce the Antifa/BLM violence we’ve been seeing on mainstream media, but the performance was enough to remind us that Biden is just another puppet on strings.