Biden Opens Borders as Illegal Immigration Population Surges to Fill Three Countries

The immigration crisis in America is a complex issue. More than 11 million illegal immigrants are estimated to be in the United States. That’s more people than live in Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama together. Lax border control policies over the past few decades have brought in enough illegal aliens to fill three countries.

The floodgates will open on Thursday when Joe Biden removes Title 42 COVID and opens the border.

A massive influx of migrants is accumulating at the border, and they are threatening to overwhelm the few resources Biden sent to handle the situation. The administration warns that up to 13,000 migrants may cross the border each day. Extrapolating that number over a whole year would mean that 4.7 million people will cross the border, which is more than the entire population of Panama.

The situation in border communities is critical, where migrants will be released.

What are “safe” street releases? Are you like the Venezuelan street gang members who hang out in El Paso Texas?

InSight Crime reports that the Tren de Aragua is a group of people who have established multiple revenue streams through extortion and kidnapping. They also engage in human trafficking, contraband, and migrant smuggling.

Joe Biden has done everything he can to undo the border policies of former President Trump, which were working. This culminated in the repeal of Title 42. Now, millions of people are poised for a surge across the border to join the 11 million who have already arrived.