Biden Makes Surprise Trip to Delaware for Intense Talk with Hunter

Hunter Biden was convicted of three charges relating to guns on Tuesday.

Joe Biden released a statement stating that he accepted the result but said Hunter was considering an appeal. He had said previously that he would pardon Hunter.

As soon as the liberal media seized on the issue, they declared that “fairness” had been established. They acted as if this made the entire trial against former president Donald Trump a non-issue.

Ironically, Biden had been scheduled to speak in Washington D.C. at an event called “Everytown Gun Sense”. He didn’t address the conviction but displayed some of the most incoherent behavior I have seen him display. He mocked Americans who believe in gun rights and made another threatening statement about needing an F-15 to fight the government.

Hunter will be sentenced in a few weeks and we will know what the sentence is. It wouldn’t be the maximum, because Hunter is a first-time offender.

Joe Biden was not scheduled to be in Delaware Tuesday but made a spontaneous trip after his speech at Everytown. Hunter, his son Beau, and his wife met him at the airport to take a large photo for the media. When he arrived, he hugged Hunter. Hunter was talking very passionately to him as if he were trying to comfort him.

Biden seemed a little out of sorts and moved slowly.

This part of the video was not well received by viewers.

Biden kissed and hugged his grandson on the lips. Beau didn’t seem to like that.

Hunter then pulled his son aside and saluted to his father. Joe half-saluted Joe back, still looking confused. This was certainly strange. They then reportedly all piled into a vehicle to drive to Joe Biden’s house in Wilmington.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, also cancelled her daily press briefing because she was aware that she would be bombarded with questions about Hunter. She’s still going to have to deal with it.

Hunter has been pardoned by Biden. He’s saying it before the election. He won’t be bothered if he loses or wins the election. I believe he will do it regardless. He will not suffer any real consequences for doing so. He has lied about many things to the American public to get what he desires; I would not believe him now.