Biden Energy Sec. Granholm Laughs At Question About Boosting Oil Production

UNITED STATES - JUNE 15: Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, prepares for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on the FY 2022 budget request for the Department of Energy in Dirksen Building on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm recently laughed at a question about increasing America’s oil production, calling it hilarious to do such a thing. She went on to say it would be magical if she could use her magic wand to do this. She was responding to Tom Keene, Bloomberg host, about the rising oil prices in America.

While oil is a global commodity, it is controlled and managed by a cartel. OPEC is the cartel that controls it and has made a decision yesterday not to expand beyond what they had already planned. America’s approach towards its oil industry has also been overhauled by President Biden.

Biden announced back in June that he would suspend oil drilling leases at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, adding how they would change policies in the U.S. and how it views the oil industry.

Biden signed a number of environmental policies since taking office including putting an end to new federal oil leases, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, revoking the Keystone XL Pipeline project and converting government vehicles to electric power. The GOP has continued to criticize the Biden administration’s reliance on OPEC to reduce rising gas prices.

24 GOP senators wrote to Biden in August, calling it astonishing that the Administration seeks assistance from an international oil cartel while America has enough supply and reserves for increased production. This would also lower gasoline prices. The senators said that the Administration’s domestic petroleum and gas development policies are harming U.S consumers, workers, and are contrary to an America First energy agenda. They went on to emphasize how it only reinforces dependence on foreign oil.

According to the Biden administration, the best way to save the planet is to stop drilling for oil and pay double the amount for OPEC to do the same thing and drill for oil. Dems have never gotten it right with climate change – and their policies are reflected in the job reports, gas prices, and empty shelves.