Biden Doesn’t Want You Seeing This…Even Though You Paid For It

Joe Biden has been extremely adamant about people looking into his Senate papers at the University of Delaware. He said on “Morning Joe” that he doesn’t want anything in his public papers to be used against him…is he joking? I thought that was just a fair game that we can look into whatever we want on him during election season. 

There is a boatload of Biden failure ready to sink the Liberal ship. His whole public life from 1973-2008 disrupting the positions he’s now claiming to take, discussions with Vladimir Putin (which he particularly doesn’t want people looking into), as well as “25 discussions” with President Xi Jinping of China. That doesn’t even include all of the times he cozied up to MBNA, the conflicts of interest regarding his son, his past position on Anita Hill which he has completely recast, and the list goes on. 

People have come out mocking Biden for thinking these things should somehow be “off limits” as people consider who to vote for as president. GOP spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington went on Larry O’Conner’s radio show pointing out that Biden’s senate papers are just like Hillary’s emails. “If that’s any indication, any records related to Tara Reade are long gone,” Harrington tweets. 

In comparing Biden’s senate papers to Hillary Clinton’s emails, there’s clearly more here than we know. Whether Biden broke the law to try to get rid of the records is beyond our knowledge. We do know that his operatives did visit the collection in the past year. Harrington, on the radio show, then reiterated another point she made in a tweet. She explains that Biden wants to act like we don’t have a right to see his public Senate records. 

Not only is he hiding his senate records from the public, we were literally paying for them to be kept from being seen. There is a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to help put them online and archive them for posterity. We paid for that 8 years ago. 

Biden’s answers have been quite hilarious. If he is afraid his senate papers could be “used for fodder” we should be more inclined to know what’s in there. Why shouldn’t anything that isn’t classified be released? This was the same guy who said there should be an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh. The irony is quite canny. He even went as far as attacking Bloomberg back in February over releasing folks from their non-disclosure agreements. 

“This is about transparency. The American people deserve to know the truth.” Biden tweeted. Sleepy Joe, you really ought to start doing what Joe demanded.