Biden Continues Omitting Hunter’s Out-Of-Wedlock Daughter When Discussing Grandchildren

As the Arkansas paternity trial involving this ordeal intensifies, President Biden refused yet again to acknowledge the 4-year-old estranged daughter of his son Hunter. He spoke instead about his grandchildren.

A White House reporter tweets that Biden spoke to the children of his staffers on Take Our Kids to Work Day. He said he talks to his six grandkids daily and is “crazy about” them.

The comments seem innocuous and mundane, but Biden has ignored his seventh grandson, Navy Joan Roberts. Hunter had Navy Joan Roberts with former stripper Lunden Roberts. This trend has been going on for some time.

Biden has acted repeatedly as if this child doesn’t exist. The White House has left Hunter’s daughter, who was born out of wedlock, out of the Christmas stocking display for the second year in a row.

Biden, before 2020, said that he and his wife Jill Biden have five grandchildren. He forgot about the newborn Hunter just had with Melissa Cohen.

Later, the first lady corrected herself, saying that they had six grandchildren and leaving out Navy Joan.

Zach Parkinson, deputy director of communications for the Republican National Committee, responded to the video saying that there were “only three possible explanations” as to why Biden ignored his granddaughter repeatedly, and added, “none are good.”

Hunter Biden denied for years that he was Navy Joan’s dad, but in 2019, a DNA test proved he had been her father. Since then, he has fought for lower child support payments.

Roberts brought a paternity lawsuit in May 2019 after Navy Joan was born. Following the results of the DNA test, both parties agreed on a temporary child support agreement.

According to The Democrat-Gazette, Hunter Biden Roberts has reached an agreement in order to settle their paternity suit and a child-support lawsuit by March 2020. After he requested changes to child support payments, the case was reopened.

In December, Roberts’ lawyers filed a motion to have the girl’s last name changed to Biden.

Hunter’s former lover Lunden Roberts wanted to change the surname of her daughter from Hunter to Biden. Hunter Biden is still adamant about not allowing his daughter to use his name, even after he has abused her in court. Hunter Biden is against his daughter using his own name and claims that she will not have a peaceful existence if she uses it.

While living in an expensive mansion in Malibu he continued to resist his child support obligations and asked in September 2022 for the payments to be lowered. He complained about his ‘financial situation’. The public pays for his security at his mansion more than he pays in monthly child support for his daughter.

Arkansas Judge Holly Meyer ordered Hunter, in his paternity case, to appear before her next week.

The Daily Mail reported that Hunter is trying to delay his appearance in person. His lawyers asked for a continuance on Wednesday to “properly” prepare for the Monday hearing.