Biden Appears Unsteady During Photo-Op With Costa Rican Leader

I would love to be a fly on a wall listening in on the discussions between the powers about how they plan to deal with their problem Joe Biden.

Each day, we can see his condition deteriorating. The Democrats appear to ignore it. Do they want to keep him on the ballot as long as they can before they remove him? They still need to solve the Kamala Harris problem if they want Joe to drop out. They’re doing it at the cost of this country by having someone in power who is barely functional.

It was bad on Tuesday. While he didn’t have to do much, just deliver remarks from the White House for one event and meet with Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves, it didn’t go well.

Biden’s usual false statements about the economy included that “Bidenomics”, was simply another way to say “restoring the American Dream” when in reality he has made it so difficult for Americans just to live. Kamala Harris also contributed to the false statements by claiming that Biden had reduced costs for families working, but in reality, it was the opposite.

He got in trouble because he seemed to not understand what he said and he confused Chicago with Toronto.

“A drug company that makes a drug here in America, if it’s sold in Chicago, you can buy the same drug in Toronto or Paris cheaper than you can buy it in Toronto!”

Um, what?

Then he corrected it to Chicago. I was shocked at how confused he looked.

Biden then stumbled over his remarks during a photo with Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves Robles. In these photo-ops, you normally just say a few words to welcome or recognize the other leader. But he couldn’t get through it without reading the entire thing. He was very old, and he struggled with even the notes.

As Joe talks and rambles, you can see the Costa Rican president tapping his fingers. I think that he understands the problem. Of course, it’s a problem when the world looks at Biden in this way.

The reporters, including Fox’s Peter Doocy, then tried to ask questions about the state of Biden’s election campaign. Biden sat in the chair, angry and looking out the window. You can hear Biden’s staff telling them to leave the room.

This is his condition after he took most of this month off and met with the doctor last week for an unknown reason. Vacations aren’t working anymore if they ever did. This is not escaping the American public’s attention. The first word they think when they hear the name Joe Biden is senile (and other less-than-nice words). 77 percent of Americans don’t believe he should run again. At least, officially, this is who the Democrats will be putting forward for 2024. This is a shameful act.