Biden Administration to Cease Familial DNA Testing at the Border

Even the most ardent progressives will eventually admit that the Biden Administration is nothing but a selfish, evil entity, which cares nothing about the people who are forced to live under its policies. Conservatives have known this for a long time. The news that some on the left are turning around is a good thing. Those who don’t believe it will have no hope.

As May comes to an end, the administration announced that the practice of testing for familial DNA at the southern border will also come to an end.

Just the News has obtained a copy of the memo from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The message is simple and straight to the point. CPB’s contract for DNA collection with BODE Technologies expires on May 31, and along with it the process of identifying family DNA. The FBI will continue to collect DNA, but no efforts will be made to ensure that children cross the border with their parents or identify unaccompanied minors.

This move has not been rationalized, as expected. It is likely that there is no rationale for it. It is impossible for the Left to turn this policy around into something positive. Maybe those DNA tests took too long and slowed down the process of admitting new citizens to the country. Just the News reported that the DNA program had been implemented under Trump in part to identify problems with cartels bringing children into the country using fake family units. This could be Biden marking territory by undoing Trump’s policy. This will lead to more children being forced into forced labor or used for government benefits. Or worse, they’ll be used as sex slaves.

You may remember that in November we told you a story about Project Veritas, while it was still run by James O’Keefe. This story focused on the work of Tara Lee Roda, a whistleblower who volunteered for the HHS Unaccompanied Children Program. Rodas stated that the majority of sponsors are not relatives, and they threaten deportation if the children do not follow their instructions. An executive at the agency told Rodas, “Tara I think you should understand that we get sued only if we keep children in care for too long.” Traffickers don’t sue us. Are you clear? “We don’t sue traffickers”

One wonders where the outraged people who protested Trump’s decision to separate families at the border are. This same concern and outrage should be expressed about the elimination of an anti-fraud system, which can prevent children from being used as slaves, drug mules, and prostitutes. Is this not a concern for the Biden administration and the Democrats? Are these children “acceptable loss” in the interest of the greater good, and for someone’s pension and GS rating?

Most likely both. The federal bureaucracy has long been a home for ambition and greed.