Biden Administration Attempts to Rehire Controversial Ex-Intel Officials Clapper and Brennan

Remember James Clapper? It’s easy for people to forget, given the amount of time that has passed since both men were the main newsmakers in the Trump administration. It was once a big deal that they were involved in the Crossfire Hurricane – also known as the Russia Collusion Investigation.

Here’s a refresher for those who are less familiar. Clapper, Barack Obama’s DNI, has been credibly charged with lying to Congress. Brennan, Obama’s former CIA director, has also been credibly accused. After Trump’s inauguration, both men were on cable news, making wild and unsubstantiated allegations about alleged Russian collusion by the former president.

In 2020, both men were once again in the spotlight when they signed a now-infamous intelligence letter, which claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian misinformation.” This was a false claim that was used to affect the outcome of that year’s Presidential election.

While they have been quiet for the past few years, Clapper and Brennan both are back. The Biden administration chose to re-employ both Clapper and Brennan as “experts” in a newly formed Department of Homeland Security Committee.

The Department of Homeland Security announced on Tuesday that several former intelligence officials, who signed a document suggesting the Hunter Biden laptop may have been a “Russian operation”, will join a federal board of “experts” handling national security issues.

The former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and the former CIA Director John Brennan, who are now on the board of directors, signed a letter in October 2020 that cast doubt on the authenticity of the Hunter Biden Laptop and suggested its release was a Russian propaganda ploy. DHS said the group would advise DHS regarding intelligence and national-security efforts on issues like “terrorism, fentanyl and transborder issues”, as well as emerging technologies.

In summary, two of the government’s biggest failures over the past several decades will now be working again within the federal government. If that is not Washington, I do not know what else it could be.

It is not surprising that former officials who have lied repeatedly during their careers and afterward will continue to be exempt from accountability. These men need to be avoided. The Biden administration is reusing them back into government without even having to apologize.

Who believes that Clapper or Brennan are experts in transborder issues, terrorism, and other related areas? I can’t remember any of them having ever argued for border security and Barack Obama’s policy on foreign affairs was disastrous. In terms of emerging technologies, I cannot think of anyone better to consult than a man in his eighties and another nearing 70.

Here we are. Some of the worst federal actors ever to grace the government are returning to positions of influence and power. What a terrible indictment of our nation.