Ben Shapiro Owns MSNBC Host On Critical Race Theory

The Daily Wire Editor Ben Shapiro recently appeared on a recent segment of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” to talk about key issues around the country today. Shapiro was joined by Maher and MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance to talk about everything from the Capitol riot to Critical Race Theory. While Ben Shapiro came armed with facts about what Critical Race Theory really is, Nance did nothing but defend the ideas that want to brainwash a generation of kids into collective guilt. Just another step in dumbing down America.

During the discussion, Maher asked the two to define Critical Race Theory. Shapiro defined it as being “baked” into all the systems of American society, adding that any sort of neutral system is for racial power. He said even things that are considered “good” for the race are guises for power if they uphold things like capitalism or meritocracy. He said any stats where Black people are underperforming White people means that the system was set up for the benefit of White people and that they have a duty to tear it down.

Shapiro, who studied CRT in law school, talks about how the theory is trying to get implemented into the K-12 curriculum.

“When it comes to schools, what this tends to boil down to is kids who are white have experienced privilege because the system was built for white people and we have to change the standard,” Shapiro explains.

Shapiro also cites that CRT supporters see the Brown v. Board of Education case as an attempt for white communities to leverage their own power instead of ending segregation in public schools. He concluded by saying that Critical Race Theory boils down to “all disparity equals discrimination.”

Nance chuckled and replied that he “approved” of Shapiro’s CRT definition. He said they are “grounded in truth” and then tried to refer to the Scalp Act of 1747 and the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 as events that were glossed over in American education.

Shapiro however fired back and pointed out the ironic nature of what Nance just admitted, adding that he has benefitted tremendously from the aspects of American society that the theory criticizes. Shapiro suggests that Nance would need to “tear down the system” too if he’s going to criticize the meritocracy, adding that he has merit because of his success.

Nance tried to accuse Shapiro of “whitewashing American history” and keeping future generations ignorant of certain aspects of American history. He claimed that Shapiro and the Republican Party want to hide his people’s history.

But even Maher had to step in and refute his claim. He explained how history should be taught along with the role racism played in It, but that it shouldn’t be centered around collective guilt or identity shaming. He summed it up for most Americans: We want an accurate portrayal of history taught to our kids but we also don’t want collective guilt for those who didn’t do anything wrong.

During the show, Nance also tried to claim that former president Donald Trump managed to mobilize 40,000 people to “lay siege” at the Capitol and march into the building. Shapiro called out Nance for doing nothing but pushing inaccurate claims.

“I’ll tell you why this is an important thing. Because, Malcolm, you have a terrible habit of conflating people who do actual violent activity with a broader rubric of everyone, for example, who voted for Trump, which was 75 million people, and that really is ugly,” Shapiro said.

Nance didn’t have much to say after that. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Shapiro owned the debate against an MSNBC host. Like he always says, facts don’t care about your feelings.