Being Aware of the Socialist Creeps

Right now is a weird time for everyone…we’re trying to live during this bizarre pandemic life limbo in a “new normal” lifestyle. Of course there are those right now digging this opportunity to boss us around and get their socialism on. 

You’ve got Nancy Pelosi proposing new standards in the Coronavirus stimulus packages that have NOTHING to do with the virus itself, Gavin Newsom who has made San Francisco into a socialist paradise, and so many others ready to order people around. They just can’t resist.

The mayor of LA is offering rewards to tattletales who ‘out’ their neighbors defying his stay-at-home order and governments are hacking stores refusing to sell “non-essential” items. What is not “essential” anyway? Who are they to decide those things? But of course we should’ve learned by now never to give power to someone who actually enjoys it.

They also feel the need to try and close down gun stores, since the act of purchasing equipment to defend oneself, family, and community, shames the Liberals and abides by the Constitution. 

“We’re gonna have to take him in the water. Wait till he’s all in. Get clean shots. Watch your background.” You would think from hearing all this that it was a cop getting ready to take down an incredibly violent fugitive but NOPE. Just a couple of mortified deputies waiting on an LA beach for some surfers to come back to the sand because being alone in the Pacific is condemning millions to infection. Wouldn’t you think they had anything better to do?

What is particularly disturbing are the medical experts who demand months of our continued imprisonment. They don’t understand that small businesses and hardworking Americans are doing everything they can to not create an economic depression on top of everything else. The medical perspective cannot think it is the only perspective. We have to consider the economy, our liberty, and elect those who represent just that. We get the final say in our country’s priorities. 

America is run by consent, or supposedly, when there’s power-hungry jerks trying to harm our collective response. President Trump is chomping away at the shackles of the pandemic response, showing that these are temporary measures but we must lift them as soon as we can. He sees the responses that make sense and knows there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

The Left doesn’t want that. They want more rules, regulations, and proposals added to the CoronaVirus stimulus package bills that have nothing to do with anything but a quick power trip. We need to note carefully who these people are and ensure that they never get a chance to control anything again. They don’t rely on citizens behaving rationally and demand order. 

We are a republic and must remember why we are so and not a technocracy. That is the process of politics and we must know the risks of our elected officials before this turns into a dictatorship, an unspoken theme of a growing number of elected officials already.