Before Roe’s Repeal, California’s University System Promised Students Would Still Get Abortions

It is not common for a state institution or agency to be a champion of abortion. However, that person is unlikely to live in California.

At the recent Board of Regents meeting, President Michael Drake stated that the University of California system would continue to allow abortion.

This is how Michael put it on May 18th in light of leaked documents indicating that SCOTUS might overturn Roe v. Wade.

“I would like to start this morning by acknowledging a problem that many of us are concerned about. The leaked draft Supreme Court decision from Dobbs in Jackson Women’s Health Organization is here.”

He pointed out that such an event could have a national impact on pregnancies. The president did not suggest that only women could conceive.

“The outcome could have a significant impact on the rights of pregnant women throughout the country.”

Michael stated that California’s state universities were “actively reviewing potential impacts on our community operations and communities” from a Roe reversal. The possible consequences could include “patient care at the state’s hospitals” as well as “research and teaching, public service missions.”

The UC system is not against abortion, so don’t be fooled.

“It is my unqualified belief that everyone should have access to affordable, convenient healthcare services that are accessible to them. This includes reproductive health services.”

You probably know that Roe’s 1973 decision upheld a constitutional right of privacy. However, such a right was not explicitly guaranteed in the nation’s founding document. Michael also called attention to this notion, promising students that they would be able to have abortions.

“We believe that privacy is a fundamental right. Californians have the right to privacy. We will do everything we can to protect them. I want to assure our students that they will have access to comprehensive reproductive services at their campuses’ student health centers. We will also continue our long-standing referral relationships with community facilities to provide abortion services for students who request them.

The shockwaves that rocked the nation Friday were caused by Roe v. Wade being overturned. California will not be tightening its regulations as a result of this decision.

The educational system wanted to make sure everyone was on the same side — not only regarding abortion but also about gender identity.

The culture has transformed significantly. California is the leader in this direction. It’s not the only direction that the country is moving in; it isn’t even the most prominent, especially right now.