Bare-Handed Fisherman Kills Friend He Feared Would Feed Him to Sasquatch

Two men from Oklahoma noodled (catch catfish by the hand), but only one returned.

Larry Doil Sanders (53 years old) killed Jimmy Knighten, his fishing friend, believing that Knighten invited Bigfoot to dine at his house.

Two men traveled to Pontotoc County, Okla. to “noodle”. This is a sport that involves using your hands to catch catfish and then grabbing the fish by its mouth.

This video shows you the science and art behind noodling.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Knighten summoned Bigfoot by using a “Bigfoot Call”, or if he used a different method. Sanders is lucky that Bigfoot was not signaled using a Sasquatch mating call.

Seven Bigfoot sounds and “knocks” are recorded by the Elk Mound Bigfoot Research Center.

Updated maps show that almost 147 Sasquatch sightings were recorded in Oklahoma, with four of them being in Pontotoc County. Larry believed that he was Bigfoot’s main meal.

Sanders claimed Knighten called Sasquatch and then tried to leave Sanders to the hunger pangs created by the camera-shy beast. Sanders claims they fought for almost an hour before Knighten was shot.

The ex-wife of Stacey Kelley Knighten described Knighten as “just a normal old rural boy.” He would love to see you through the ends.

This is even more bizarre. Sander was dating Knighten’s daughter. Sanders responded to him when he inquired about his father’s escape.

Sanders confessed that Knighten had murdered him to his daughter. Sanders then was taken into custody by police on an unrelated warrant for bringing drugs to prison. He then drew a map to assist authorities in locating Knighten’s remains.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, arrest report

Larry said that Jimmy wanted to flee so the sasquatch could eat Larry. Larry continued his fight with Jimmy on the ground.

Authorities claim that Knighten was also under drug influence when he was arrested.

Knighten’s ex-wife started a GoFundMe account to help pay for his funeral expenses. “