Authorities Accidentally Uncover Submarine with 4 Tons of Cocaine During Search for Missing Fisherman

The submarine was found by Colombian authorities while searching for a missing fishing boat. It contained 4000 kilograms worth of cocaine. It is estimated that the 4K kilograms worth of cocaine represents over 10M doses and would be valued at over $137M.

Four criminals piloted a submarine that was filled with approximately 4.5 tons of cocaine, weighing 4,000 kg.

On Wednesday, officials searching for two missing fishermen discovered the illegal submarine craft, also known as the “narco-sub.”

Colombian authorities raided a 50-foot “narco-sub” after they stumbled across it during the search for a missing fishing boat. The Colombian Navy published a video documenting the raid on its social media accounts.

The Colombian Navy, Air Force, and the neighboring Ecuadorian navy intercepted the underwater vehicle.

The Colombian Navy said that the seizure prevented the entry of over $137 million in drug trafficking groups, as well as the marketing of 10 million doses of drugs on the streets around the world.

Cocaine on display. After arresting four suspects in drug trafficking on the Pacific Ocean, authorities in Colombia tested substances found in “narcosub” for cocaine. It is estimated that the drugs amount to more than 10 million doses, and are worth $137 million. Colombian and Ecuadorian navy units participated in the operation.

The submarine, which measured 50 feet long, contained 205 packages that were positive for cocaine. The drugs were packaged in all sizes and shapes, according to authorities. Four individuals aboard the vessel seized the 4.5 tons of cocaine.

The Colombian Navy published a video on its social media accounts documenting its anti-trafficking operations.

Authorities continue to search for missing fishermen. They say they last saw them in a canoe-style boat near the Pacific Coast.