Arizonans Sound Off On Kyrsten Sinema, Opposition To Filibuster Reform

Many Arizonans spoke to Fox News and said that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema does a great job representing them despite liberal criticisms.

Fox News’ one man said that he was just happy that she wasn’t going along with the Democratic Party. Another local stated that she believed she was heading in the right direction.

Sinema, Arizona’s senior senator, reiterated last week that her support for the Senate filibuster would be overridden by her fellow Democrats. If eliminated, it would replace the 60 vote threshold necessary to end the legislative discussion with a simple majority vote.

Fox News’s one man said that he believes she is doing well. “She seems to be fighting for the people, so that is always a positive thing.”

One man stated that he thought they were just like every other senator. However, he didn’t see them doing any real work or really helping us. The woman stated that she was not happy with her at the moment. “I feel like she has her own agenda,” the woman said.