Arizona Hospital Halts Biden’s Vaccine Mandate, State AG Calls It Unlawful

Many workplaces are pushing back against COVID-19 vaccine mandates, with a high number of them being hospitals. Many hospitals have filed lawsuits in response to the announced workplace vaccine mandates, adding that it is unconstitutional to have employees “coerced” into being vaccinated by something so new.

One Alabama hospital has even rescinded its requirements that all staff members be vaccinated against COVID-19. The UAB health systems originally pushed vaccine mandates back in August for workers at healthcare facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid dollars. There was a $400 voluntary incentive that rewarded employees for getting the vaccine.

The UAB Hospital rescinded the requirements in September after Biden announced the federal vaccine mandates, adding that they would see how it plays out before imposing any requirements. President of the Alabama Hospital Association Dr. Don Williamson notes that voluntary efforts have produced higher vaccination rates over the push of state-imposed mandates.

The Alabama Center for Law and Liberty lashed out at the facility and accused them of violating state laws, adding that the UAB Hospital is a state-run hospital.

UAB Hospital said they would not require employees to disclose whether they have been vaccinated or not. The Alabama Attorney General even examined the law and said that no government, school, or business, in the state can demand proof of vaccination, adding that he has received complaints regarding privacy concerns.

Arizona AG Steve Marshall said that the Attorney General’s office has received complaints from healthcare employees who believe that their immunization records were obtained by employers through the ImmPRINT registry.

Marshall explains how a shared employer accessing the state’s immunization database for this purpose would be an invasion of privacy and “unlawful.” He said healthcare providers should not be asking employees about their immunization status. Marshall evens warns President Biden to drop the illegal vaccine mandate or face a state-wide lawsuit.

“The vaccine mandate is unprecedented in its audacity and unlawful in its application. The Biden administration knows this full well. The State of Alabama will not allow such an authoritarian power grab to go unchecked,” Marshall said.

The Alabama House of Representatives is also seeking damages for workers against any employers who suffer adverse reactions from the mandates. The bill, otherwise known as HB 16, is sponsored by State Rep. Tommy Hanes and would provide a pathway for families to sue the employer in the event that the vaccine caused an injury or death to the employee.

“An employee shall have a private right of action against an employer for any damages caused by an adverse reaction, injury, or temporary or permanent disability arising from an employer mandate that he or she receive a vaccination for COVID-19,” the bill reads.

The bill is intended to protect workers from overreaching their authority and holding individuals liable for any harm stemming from a mandated vaccination. Rep. Hanes adds that just because someone employs you does not mean they own you and that mandating a vaccine is an invasion of personal privacy, especially when you can still get the virus and spread it. He said he stands for individual liberty and stopping the government from fringing upon those rights. Well said.