Arizona Arrests Illegal Aliens Accused of Assaulting Cops: Serious Consequences Await

We covered the horrific attack on two NYPD officers by illegal aliens in a mob near Times Square. The mob stomped on the heads of the officers as they lay down. The mob attacked the officers for trying to arrest a suspect.

Five of the seven people arrested were released without bail. One was not charged and the other was held on bail. As we reported, two of the men were flipping off at us when they were released.

This clip shows how the person was laughing and joking about how he was going viral on social networks. He doesn’t care what he is accused of, he assumes that he will walk away unpunished. He’s laughing at it all. This is bad.

After they were released, it is reported that they fled to California via bus on the free ride of an NGO.

The liberal media also covered this outcry. The media was made to look like it was doing its job by pursuing Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg who is the progressive prosecutor responsible for the travesty. It was satisfying to see the media go after him in an attempt to find out what happened.

After all the sneering and laughing they do, it seems that now, they are not laughing anymore. They’re not laughing anymore, at least after being arrested in Phoenix when they got off the Greyhound bus.

ICE stated that they were taken into custody for immigration violations and will now be processed.

The media attention and circumstances could mean that they are deported. It’s great that these guys will now have to spend time in jail and won’t be laughing all the way through.

Are they accountable for their actions against the police officers they have beaten? What prevents them, if they are deported, from crossing the border to come back in, considering Biden’s open-border policy?

We also know about the case due to its publicity. There are many other cases where people are not held accountable and disappear into thin air.

Media coverage was different than in the past when Democrats tried to push their garbage, Senate Bill. The American people are aware of the truth: this is all on Joe Biden. It’s unlikely that the problem will be solved until Joe Biden is removed from office.