Are Democrats Panicking About Hunter Biden Yet?

Hunter Biden appeared Wednesday in Delaware federal court to plead guilty to two misdemeanors of failing to pay millions in taxes. He also accepted a pre-trial agreement for a gun charge in exchange for two years of probation and no jail time. Hunter Biden was forced to plead not guilty after the sweetheart deal, which was widely condemned by experts, fell apart.

The Democrats were unable to put the Hunter Biden saga in the past, as the “Get Out of Jail Free Card” was suddenly gone. The Democrats are going to have a big problem because Hunter’s legal problems may not be over and the First Son might even face jail time. All this while his father is running for president and his own Department of Justice is under scrutiny for interfering in the investigation.

Jonathan Turley, professor of law at George Washington University, argues that Democrats should be extremely concerned.

“I believe that the media is in a state of panic. All of them want to move forward, as the alternative would be to acknowledge one of the biggest corruption scandals ever in modern history. But the media has played a part in suppressing this scandal. They want everyone to move forward. Turley, in an interview with Fox News, said: “That’s not going to be the case.”

“The evidence is mounting,” he continued. “And you had these two whistleblowers testify in Congress, and you’ll notice the Democratic members asked very little about their specific allegations. And it’s because they have been reduced in the amount of maneuvering room by this evidence. They didn’t want to trip any wires. When one of them, Rep. Dan Goldman from New York, tried, he ended up demolishing the Biden defense in less than five minutes. He got the witness to confirm that Joe Biden did in fact speak to his son about business dealings. So, they’re all in a position that they’re hoping this will move on, but the public, and, more importantly, these committees are just not moving on.”

Joe Biden’s Hunter problem is not going away, especially with the new scrutiny on the Department of Justice’s interference. If Hunter is going to trial, how can that be? Hunter Biden’s legal problems won’t go away so easily, Democrats.