AOC Claims Very Real Risk America Won’t Be Democracy In 10 Years

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-N.Y.), “Squad Rep” claimed that there is a “very real danger” that America won’t be a democracy within 10 years and would “return to Jim Crow.” Ocasio Cortez was asked whether she believed that the United States would become a democracy within 10 years. She responded by claiming another wild claim in an interview published Monday.

In an interview with the New Yorker published Monday, the New York Democrat stated that “I believe there’s a very real danger that we won’t.” “What we are at risk is a government that may pretend to be a democracy and may try desperately to pretend it is.”

“I believe we will look like us.” In an interview with the New Yorker, Ocasio Cortez said that she believes we will return to Jim Crow. “I believe that’s what we are putting at risk.”

Second-term Congresswoman claimed that Texas’ election integrity laws, as they were proposed by the state legislature, are “Jim Crow-style deenfranchisement legislations.”

“Just a few months back, members of the state legislature fled the state to stop such voting laws being passed. Florida was one of the states that had the whole state vote to allow prisoners released from prison to be reenfranchised once they have paid their debts to society. Now, poll taxes and intimidation are replacing this vote. “You have the ability to erase and attack our understanding of history. To replace history teaching with institutionalized white-nationalist propaganda in schools, you can do this. This is what Jim Crow’s scaffolding was.”

Ocasio Cortez also compared these laws to the “rise of fascism post-World War One Germany.”

You don’t need to look far beyond our own history. What we have is, I believe, a unique and complex journey that we have taken. The question we really have to ask ourselves is this: Was the fifty-sixties years of the Civil Rights Act merely a flirtation by the United States with a multiracial democracy, which we will later decide was not convenient for those in power? She said. “And we will revert back to what we had previously, which was, by the way.

It is not clear if Ocasio-Cortez will claim that her claim coincides with her past claim that the world will end in a decade.