Americans With Impunity Continue Being Attacked by Iran’s Proxies

The Pentagon reported on Tuesday that Iran’s proxy militias in the Middle East attacked American bases at least ten times last week with drones and missiles, causing twenty American casualties.

Biden’s efforts to keep the war under wraps are evident by the fact that the American public was not informed of the deaths until Tuesday. The president does not want to stoke public anger against Iran. However, it could be useful later.

The U.S. forces intercepted the majority of drones. However, two air bases were damaged and 24 American servicemen were injured. This is unacceptable.

“What we see is the possibility of a more significant escalation shortly against U.S. troops and personnel throughout the region coming from Iranian proxy force, and eventually from Iran”, Brig. Pentagon Press Secretary Gen. Pat Ryder said.

He added, “We will always defend ourselves. We won’t hesitate to act when necessary to protect our interests and forces overseas.”

Iran may not be aware of how the Israel-Hamas War has altered the rules. The U.S. has adopted a more aggressive warfighting posture and Iran is in its crosshairs.

Ryder stated, “We know that these are groups that have been backed by Iran.” “We do not necessarily believe that Iran ordered these groups to carry out such attacks. We will hold Iran accountable for their actions, even though Iran is supporting them.

Biden could send a strong message to the other players in this region by hitting Iran. This would keep Iran from the war, and send a clear warning to militias backed by Iran to stop. It would also reassure U.S. allies in the region who look to Biden for strong leadership.


Ryder stated that no one wanted a widening or an escalation in hostilities, and the recent moves by US personnel and equipment were intended to deter, or if necessary, to respond to one.

US moves aircraft carrier strike group, and air defense systems to the Middle East as Israel prepares its ground offensive against Gaza. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the moves in a statement on Saturday. He attributed the move to the “recent escalation by Iran and its proxy force across the Middle East Region.”

John Kirby, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, said that Iran “is closely monitoring these events and, in some cases, actively facilitating them, as well as spurring others who might want to exploit this conflict.”

No matter what General Ryder says, Iran cannot deny the drone attacks in this case. Iran almost certainly ordered those drone attacks against U.S. soldiers, or, if not, is aware of them in advance and could stop them, if desired. Iran and its proxy forces are not loose cannons, despite their fanaticism. They are cold-blooded and calculated in their actions.

We can only hope that they are calculated enough to prevent war.