Americans Are Embracing Bigger Families, Despite Government Propaganda

A new Gallup survey has some good news as the leftist attack on the family continues. Americans reject the anti-family rhetoric. More people now support larger families with three or more kids than ever before.

For years, media outlets have been discussing and legitimizing unscientific claims that having children could worsen “climate changes”. There’s also the radical left’s obsession with having as many abortions as possible and the LGBTQ campaign that separates children from their parents and treats parents as enemies. Radical feminism is also a factor, which encourages women to believe that having a career alone is more fulfilling than a family. This is a multi-directional assault on the nuclear families, but it has been less successful than expected.

Gallup’s latest poll published on September 25 showed a general rejection of leftist rhetoric. Nine out of ten U.S. adults either have or want children. Only eight percent express no desire to have children.

A 44% majority of U.S. adult thinks that having two children in a family is the best. 3% of adults say that a single child would be ideal. This totals a preference of 47% for smaller families.

In the meantime, 45% of Americans prefer larger families. This includes 29% who believe that having three children would be ideal, 12% who think having four children is best, and 2% who like having five, six, or more children.

Gallup’s findings showed that only two percent of Americans believe the ideal family is one without children. While younger people (under 30 years old) are less likely to already have children, 21% of them do and 63% would like to have more.

The preference for family size is “about evenly split” between men and women (44% men to 46% women) but, when it comes down to age, those aged 18-29 are most likely to consider 3+ children ideal. Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to want larger families than whites. Catholics, regular churchgoers, and non-religious Americans also prefer bigger families.

Gallup stated that the actual family size of a person does not always match his “ideal” size. A plurality of 48% of those who do not have children, and a small majority (51% of parents with one child each) see two children as the ideal.

Numerous studies indicate that the United States, as well as much of the rest of the world, is on a dangerous path to population collapse. People with families are also less likely to get caught up in political activism on the left, and married women rely less on government assistance than single women. We need children to prevent national suicide and to find a purpose in life other than one that comes from an overreaching state.

This is a positive sign for our society, as it shows that Americans are turning away from anti-family rhetoric.