Alex Murdaugh Indicted by Federal Grand Jury for Fraud in Housekeeper’s Death

A federal grand jury has indicted Alex Murdaugh – a disgraced South Carolina attorney and convicted killer. The charges stemmed from financial crimes relating to the death last year of his housekeeper. Murdaugh was convicted of double murder in March, and sentenced to two consecutive life terms without parole.

Murdaugh, in the 22-count financial crime indictment, is accused of stealing $3,500,000 by instructing an injury lawyer to transfer money into Murdaugh’s account. Satterfield who worked for Murdaughs for over 20 years, initially did not receive a penny of the $4.3 million payout.

Satterfield’s Estate settled with Cory Fleming by October 2021. Murdaugh was Fleming’s best buddy, and he represented the Statterfiled Brothers as their attorney in the insurance litigation.

Murdaugh was awarded a multi-million dollar settlement after claiming that his dogs were responsible for the accident outside the now famous “Moselle Family Home”.

In a legal filing, Murdaugh’s attorneys have retracted Murdaugh’s story.

Dogs did not cause Gloria Satterfield’s fall on February 2, 2018.

His attorneys revealed that the story is fiction by writing:

…invented a purported statement from Ms. Satterfield claiming that dogs were responsible for her fall to force his insurers to pay out a settlement.

Jim Griffin is one of Murdaugh’s lawyers. He suggested that the Satterfields and their attorneys should be added to an insurance fraud lawsuit. Griffin claimed they were guilty.

They recovered fraudulent insurance proceeds.

The Satterfields oppose the shifting stories about the circumstances surrounding her death.

Eric Bland posted on social media in order to dispel the notion that the claim was based on false data. Bland questioned Murdaugh’s reliability and questioned the validity of the claim.

Alex is the talk of the town. Alex claims that he made up the story that Gloria Satterfield didn’t fall down Moselle Steps by his dogs. He is not trustworthy according to a colleton county jury. In his order against Laffitte, Judge Gergel said the same thing.

We recovered money from Nautilus, and other companies for breach of duty. Money paid by Nautilus did not reach our clients. Alex took the money.

These insurers ensured that the claim was thoroughly investigated before paying out. They hired lawyers to investigate the claim and do their jobs.

Bland wrote a post on his blog in which he said that the Satterfields shouldn’t have to pay back any insurance money.

How much money did Nautilus Insurance Company give to the Satterfields? Not a penny. Alex stole their money. Nautilus is suing Alex to recover their money.

On Wednesday, Murdaugh attorneys Jim Griffin and Richard “Dick” Harpootlian, said that he is cooperating with the federal investigation and “anticipate that the charges brought today will be quickly resolved without a trial.”