Albanian Prime Minister Blames Britain’s Failed Policies On Borders And On Crime For Migrant Crisis

The Prime Minister of Albania said that Britain should examine its “failed policies in borders and crime” as the root cause for the Channel boat migrants crisis. He did not want to “scapegoat” his countrymen.

It’s not about one individual. It’s all about the climate created and it’s not about one person,” stated Prime Minister Edi Rama to the BBC, in response to a BBC question asking him his thoughts about Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s use “invasion” as a description of the ongoing Channel influx.

“It’s NOT about Albanians or aliens and gangsters but it’s about failed policy on borders and crime,” he stated. This is not surprising given that the British government has accepted asylum claims at much higher rates than any comparable European Union government. In the case of Albanians in particular, Britain accepted 52% of the asylum claims while France and Germany accepted only 8%.

Similarly, Emmanuel Macron, the French president, has stated that Britain should take more responsibility for the Channel crisis. This is due to Britain’s failure to “limit its attractiveness economically” to migrants. He highlighted in particular the thriving black market that migrants crossing the Channel can profit from.

Rama was clearly irritable in the BBC interview. He implied that the Britsh government’s rhetoric regarding illegal immigrants from Albania was not only lacking substance, but also discriminatory.

This kind of language is not policy, it is not programme, and it is not visionary. He said that the “invasion” comments were nothing but a way to fuel xenophobia, targeting and singling out communities.

“I love everything about Britain. He said that he was disgusted by this type of politics, which at the end is doomed for failure.

The Clandestine Channel Threats Command Commander of Britain recently stated to Parliament that as high as two percent of Balkan’s entire adult male population had arrived in the United Kingdom via boat. Later clarifications revealed that this number refers to the Albanian population between 20 and 40 years old.