Alaska’s Iditarod Dog Sled Race Features Smallest Field Ever Thanks to Inflation

The Iditarod Sleddog Race will begin with the smallest ever field. It is a 1,000-mile trek through Alaska’s wilds. The $50,000 prize will be won by 33 dedicated mushers.

There may be another reason why America’s pioneer spirit, which was embodied by the men and women who conquered the West, is not as strong as it once was. Sponsors are less active in an economy that is in dire straits. It may not be as popular as it was under Bidenomics’s raging inflation.

Yes, inflation is a more expensive way to chase goods. This has led to fewer dogs competing for smaller prizes at the Iditarod.

Dogs must eat. Brent Sass, the defending champ, has 58. How has inflation affected a man who purchases 500 bags of dog food per year? According to the Associated Press, each bag of high-grade dog food costs $30 more, or $85 per bag. This brings his total bill up to $42,500. This is a lot of dog food for cold-weather dogs. This is the American family’s supermarket inflation crunch.

Perhaps Joe Biden should address the issue at the kitchen table, which he has been regaling audiences with in his speeches. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that food inflation has increased 10% over the past 12 months. All costs have increased by 6.5% and energy costs are up by 8%. Prices rose by half a percent in January alone. The Democrat administration was happy with this news and praised the current low level of inflation. Joe, tell it to the dogs. Over the past year, inflation has been a problem that has been affecting everyone along its path.

Are wages keeping up with these numbers. Like the Iditarod’s prize, the prize for those participating in the rat race isn’t getting 10% larger to cover food costs. In fact, it’s 6.5% smaller for many people. The Gross Domestic Product has fallen to 1% from six percent in January 2021 when Bidenomics took control of the economy. Most workers will continue to walk the streets to keep their jobs. Others will catch up or find themselves in a snowstorm.

Jack London, a well-known socialist nihilist writer of the 20th century, was famous. After the 1890s gold rush, he wrote the Alaskan classic stories White Fang (and Call of the Wild). If he were still alive, he might reconsider his favorite economic ideas. After more than a century of experimentation, it is now certain that the governments will succeed over the people.

Bidenomics’ soft socialism has created a debt cloud that hangs over the country’s future. Inflation is destroying savings and forcing families into spending more to save. Washington’s Democrat special interests are able to get taxpayer dollars into their coffers by using a generous and wide hand. Inflation is the price we’re paying. If inflation is not stopped before the economy crashes, then more than the Iditarod goes to the dogs.