A Rumor About Justice Alito Is Confirmed Causing Media Credibility to Take Another Hit

Breitbart News contributor Ken Klukowski published Saturday’s story claiming that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was “reportedly relocated to an undisclosed location for safety after leftwing extremists tried to intimidate conservative justices to overrule Roe V. Wade… listed conservative judge’s homes online. ”

According to Ilya Shapiro (a Georgetown Law School senior lecturer), the story is partly based upon a “rumor” that Alito and his family were forced to flee after mobs threatened to attack the homes of some conservative Supreme Court Justices.

Readers will recall Alito as the Justice who wrote Monday’s draft majority opinion, in which it was stated “We hold that Roe & Casey should be overruled.”

Townhall.com, a conservative-leaning website, reported the alarming rumor. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, prominent Republican senators, were bullied further in these reports.

The same excuse was offered by legacy media outlets like The Washington Post or The Politico who eagerly attempted to discredit it. It would be wrong to suggest that a Justice was at risk of being taken to an undisclosed place to rescue him or his family. This would portray pro-abortion activists in a negative light, as the MSM wants readers and viewers to believe.

These headlines show how desperate reporters were to discredit this rumor.

WaPo: What baseless rumors about Alito and the ‘undisclosed location’ spread

Media Matters: Right-wing media spreads rumors that Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito is hiding

Yahoo News- Fox News hosts and Republican lawmakers, as well as Fox News host Fox News, are spreading a false rumor claiming Justice Alito is hiding in order to protect his safety.

Fox News reports baselessly that Alito is hiding in order to protect his safety. Business Insider – Fox News

Aaron Blake, a prominent Democrat apologist was featured in the WaPo article. He made several references to Rebecca Downs, Townhall web editor, a few more times. In response to Kristan Hawkins (Students for Life America president), she also sent a tweet. Downs was subject to harassment and threats via the internet from The Usual Suspects. They were trying to hide the fact that their attempts to intimidate conservative Justices had failed.

Katie Pavlich (Townhall.com editor) updated this story and confirmed through her sources that Alito was indeed home.

Downs shared the news via her Twitter account:

Blake and the other so-called “reporters”, mocking the reporting of conservative websites on the Alito rumor which had less validity than some of their purportedly “reporting”, have not received any updates to the stories they wrote at the time of writing. The Washington Post headline conveniently removed the word “baseless” and provided no explanation.

The WaPo also failed to mention why Americans should trust media over conservative news sites. This is because the WaPo (and other legacy media outlets like CNN) routinely overblowing and fabricating “scandals” about Republicans. Unfortunately, the paper has not received the memo.