70-Car Train Derails in North Dakota Once Again Spilling Hazardous Materials

Officials said that a 70-car train carrying hazardous materials was derailed in North Dakota late Sunday.

Canadian Pacific stated in a statement that the train was thrown off track at 11:15 p.m., about one-mile southeast of Wyndmere in Richland County. There were no injuries.

Officials stated that 31 of the 70 cars were derailment, with some vehicles carrying hazardous materials. Crews also discovered a leakage of liquid asphalt. The derailment did not cause any fires.

According to Canadian Pacific, there is no danger to public safety. They stated that there are no waterways nearby and that evacuations were not necessary.

The company stated that hazardous materials specialists were still on the scene to assess the situation and collaborate with first responders.

Crews will allow the cold to freeze the leaked materials. They are expected to gel up, WZFG reported citing officials.

The outlet was informed by the Richland County Sheriff’s Office that nearby roads 158 and 159 Avenue Southeast would be closed between Highway 13-14.

Local reports indicate that the cleanup will take between seven and ten days.

This is the latest derailment of a train in the United States. It follows the incident in East Palestine in February, Ohio in which 50 cars were involved in a major accident that spilled hazardous materials and forced evacuations.

Two cars belonging to the Canadian Pacific train were thrown off a Chicago subway track on Sunday. One car carried wheat, the other empty.

According to authorities, five other freight train cars were also derailed in Massachusetts on Thursday. However, no hazardous materials were being transported and no injuries were reported.