4.1 Million Jobs Gone With This New Plan

Sleepy Joe is back with another socialist manifesto. Biden has rolled out a plan to build a modern “sustainable” infrastructure and an equitable clean energy future, which carries a lovely price tag of at least $2 trillion. Something our country definitely can’t afford to add to the national debt at the moment in the midst of a pandemic. 

The plan would spend its $2 trillion creating millions of union jobs including building public transportation options with zero-emissions in every U.S city with a population of 100,000 or more. They said this will lead them to achieve a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035 while ensuring that environmental justice is a key in where, how, and with whom we build. Biden also promised to improve highways and roads, but has yet to offer any long-term funding source for the Highway Trust Fund, which is facing going broke.

The Biden Campaign has claimed this will build a more “resilient, sustainable economy” by 2050. I know your naps are long but I don’t really think we can wait till then, Joe.

The proposal looks at expanding broadband or wireless broadband via 5G to every American and using the federal dollars to purchase clean energy outlets, like batteries and electric vehicles. 

The plan would be paid with a combination of stimulus and increases in the corporate tax rate. It kills more than 10 million American jobs supported by the energy industries and makes the United States dependent on foreign countries for energy. Looking at the plan would already raise taxes, eliminate jobs in the coal, oil, or natural gas industries, and crush the middle class entirely. The plan would eliminate 2 million jobs in Texas alone, and over 4.1 million jobs in combination with other states. Let’s hope these states are paying attention to Biden’s plan.

Hogan Gidley, Trump’s 2020 national press secretary, issued a statement in response to Biden’s plan: “Now more than ever, it’s clear that Biden is beholden to the radical socialist ideology of Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and there is no way he can sell this radical agenda to union workers in energy-producing, manufacturing, or auto industry states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, or Wisconsin.”

Let us not forget when Joe Biden was VP for eight years that the American worker was forgotten and we endured the slowest economy since the Great Depression. Pushing these extreme policies when it has signs of roaring back since the pandemic is just another sign that Sleepy Joe really is trying to smother the economy. 

If we’re getting right to who Joe Biden is, he can verbalize his support for the climate now, but when it comes right to it he’ll just invest zero political capital in the fight for the climate, throw up his hands, and say “I tried” when his plan falls through. The $2 trillion would just go to his 100+ billionaire donors and we wouldn’t prevent climate catastrophe even by a long shot. 

Nothing Biden claims is ever what he believes. He’s just sitting in his basement following where the wind blows.