Online Outrage As School Board Member Confronted By Maskless Photo Storms Out Of Meeting

After a parent posted photos to her personal Facebook page showing her hypocrisy about masking, a Montgomery County school board member stormed out. “Senate bill739, as you know, will be signed into law very shortly, so we’re taking power out of your hands, and putting it back in the hands of the parents the right way it should be,” a parent stated during the meeting. It’s extremely concerning that you guys would take power away from parents.

The parent raised concerns about the incessant school-mask mandates to the Montgomery County school board. She alleges hypocrisy and accuses them of not complying with recent executive orders.

“When you were introducing the public comment, you stated that this is the time when we get to hear from students, staff, and community members. Parents were not mentioned. She said, “Not one bit.”

“We sat down last year and listened as you guys preached about Gov. Northam’s executive order and how they must be followed,” she stated, “Here’s governor who comes into office but you don’t want his orders,” referring to the current Virginia Governor. Glenn Youngkin’s executive orders to abolish school mask mandates in the state.

Clay Travis tweets the video of the incident. The parent then gives her speech and draws evidence from Facebook to show the hypocrisy of one board member on masking.

“Here’s an image of you, right now on Facebook with a group of people without masks on,” said the parent, pointing at a photo on her smartphone.

The parent quickly dismissed the accusations of the board member in the photo, saying her words were ineffective or libelous and she claimed that she didn’t use her time to address issues relevant to children.

The board member stated, “If you’re going to sit there and disparage someone on our school board then you can sit down.”

A member of the pro-mask board requested that a police officer accompany the parent out the building while she continued to fire off her accusations. However, another member intervened on behalf of the parent before she could be removed.

The member stated, “She should be allowed say her peace.” “I have had to listen and be criticized by people.”

After engaging in heated discussions with her colleague, who ran to the defense of the parent who was upset, the pro-mask board member fled the meeting. The exchange was ended at the appointed time.

Many expressed support for the parent, with many decrying their alleged hypocrisy and praising them for standing up for the children of the district.

Shawne Merriman, a former NFL linebacker, tweeted “This is amazing.”

Caleb Bacon, a former TV writer, wrote in a separate tweet: “Don’t eff avec soccer moms.”

“This is a remarkablely arrogant behavior from this school board member,” Senator Jim Perry, the Republican Majority Whip of the North Carolina Senate, tweeted. “The parent shouldn’t have been interrupted.”

Many other social media users called the parent a “legend.”