The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether to hear Raland J. Brunson v. Alma S. Adams. This case alleges that Congress was required to investigate allegations of fraud and impropriety during the 2020 national elections and that members who voted against this duty amounted to treason. Although some of the arguments and suggestions in the complaint may seem exaggerated, they are meant to hold those in leadership positions accountable for failing to fulfill their duty to protect the American electoral process from manipulation.

We’re all beyond our ability to play Charlie Brown while Lucy holds the football. It’s still amazing that this case made it so far.

Only the willfully blind could believe that the whole 2020 “most secure ever!” election was legitimate. It is impossible to believe that a basement gimp could have accumulated 81 million votes, more than any U.S. presidential candidate. The massive discrepancies in key swing states and the irregularities have not been properly investigated or explained. But no judge, legislator, or executive agency dare to initiate any serious investigation into what actually happened.

This graphic (source unknown), best explains the frustration of an indifferent law enforcement apparatus when it involves election shenanigans.

It can be difficult to grasp a slippery cycle that defies accountability. But the Brunson case might have shown us how.

The Supreme Court will reconsider whether it will hear a suit alleging that President Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris and former Vice President Mike Pence violated their oaths by refusing investigation evidence of fraud in 2020’s election before certifying Biden the victor. This allowed for Harris and Biden to be “fraudulently” inaugurated.

At first glance, the plaintiff’s suggestion of a remedy — that named defendants be removed from office — seems extreme. The suit’s focus is not on whether the election was “rigged” and “stolen”, that argument is irrelevant. The suit claims that the defendants failed to carry out their duties of investigation and thus violated their oaths. Biden and Harris might be legitimately in office, but Congress cannot know without taking an honest look at the matter.

Raland J. Brunson is the man whose name this suit bears. He is one of four self-taught, patriotically-motivated brothers who have been tirelessly working to address the threats that posed to electoral integrity they saw in 2020. They have created a website dedicated to the cause.

Loy, Raland and Deron Brunson, the brothers, witnessed the 2020 election, as well as claims by members of congress that it was rigged. They were shocked when Congress was presented with the proposal to investigate these claims and it was put to a vote. The surprise for the brothers was when they found out that 387 members and VP Mike Pence voted against the proposed investigation. This thwarted the investigation. Their main concern was not whether the election was rigged. The concern became when Congress members voted to stop the investigation, violating their oaths.

Raland J. Brunson and Alma S. Adams are two of the cases in which the brothers have been working simultaneously through the courts. They managed to bring Raland all of the way to the Supreme Court through some amazing legal maneuvering. The case was finally considered by the Supreme Court in January. The brothers reported that the 9 Justices would meet on January 6, 2023 to review the case and vote (by ballot) if they wish to move it to hearing. On Jan. 9, the Justices decided not to hear the case. However, the Brunson brothers had another plan and filed a petition to ask the justices to reconsider. SCOTUS accepted to reexamine the matter and set a Friday, February 17th.

It’s not possible to believe that the Brunson brothers will be able to make Congress prioritize American laws and citizens rights. But we can still hope. We can cheer that these men have perfected their ability to petition the courts to get relief from Big Left’s anti-American and anti-rule-of-law machinations. They will be a formidable opponent to America’s enemies for many decades.