It has been two years since Joe “showered” with his daughter Ashley Biden won the 2020 election. The midterm elections could not have come fast enough for me.

Recently, I drove from Long Island (N.Y.) to Detroit, and back. I was able to see a lot more signs supporting Republican candidates in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania than I did in Ohio, Michigan, or Ohio. There were many Trump flags and one Winnie the Pooh Flag, but no Biden flags. This gives Pooh bear an advantage over Biden.

It took us two years to get here, but we’re finally there. It’s now payback time. Let’s see what I think will happen if there is no cheating.

It is likely that election cheating was invented within a matter of minutes after the first vote was cast. Election cheating has been a problem in many blue cities, including New York City, Chicago and Philly. It dates back more than 100 years. Democrats are not to be trusted.

Here is my belief that there will be no cheating if it is true:


The governor Stretchin’ Gretchen Whitmer is sick and tired of the Michiganders. She introduced some very strict lockdown rules to her state, and then she openly flouted them whenever she felt like. As of now, gas prices in southeastern Michigan are at $4.09 per gallon. The working and poor in Michigan are both struggling.

Notable is also the fact that about 3% of Michigan’s Muslims have gone to war against Democrats over gay porn books found at school libraries. They are now breaking with Republicans, many times for the first-time in their lives.

Michigan might be going all-out red, according to me. Wayne County, which also includes Detroit, may go red. Michigan is home to many Trump supporters, including union workers who are tired of high gas prices and crime. Tudor Dixon, Matthew DePerno, and Kristina Karamo, the secretary of state candidates, will all win. I believe Michigan will vote Republican. John James could win Michigan’s 10th congressional District, which would be Trump country. Trump endorsed James last March.

SCAM-O-RAMA! Hillary claimed that the 2016 election was taken from her by Trump-Russia collusion. She paid for the fake “Steele Dossier”, which launched a two year investigation. We were then told that the 2020 election was “most secure” four years later.

New York

New Yorkers are fed up with the crime. While annoying white liberal women from NYC will continue to vote blue, most New Yorkers are able to see the bloodshed. I expect a lot more libs to stay home tomorrow, as they are unable pull the lever for an Elephant. Black voters are not concerned about Kathy Hochul. They are sick of being victims to the crimes that Democrats and their cashless bail scheme have brought to their communities.

I believe Lee Zeldin will win governor’s race. He has pledged to fire Alvin Bragg, the commie DA, and end lawlessness. Zeldin will win Long Island and Upstate New York. Zeldin will win at least 35%, if not more of New York City. He will easily win Staten Island, which was what put Mayor Giuliani into office in the 1990s.

BONUS! Although I don’t think this will happen, it is a sure bet that Chuck Schumer, the legendary sitzpinkler, will not be forgotten. If Democrats vote no on Tuesday, and the fed-up New Yorkers vote straight Republican, Joe Pinion could win. Pinion is an excellent candidate. Shame on the NY GOP that they didn’t invest more in Pinion’s campaign.

OPINION-O-RAMA! Andrew Cuomo, NY’s former governor, is preparing the table tomorrow against Hochul so that he can run again in future. He has many friends at high places in the state. Cuomo supporters flock to Zeldin. Hochul is now in the clear and Cuomo plans to make a comeback. To do that, he needs Hochul to get out of his way.

Arizona and Nevada

Arizona will go full-on red, I think. Kari Lake is a pitbull and Arizonians aren’t foolhardy (ask Stephen Kruiser). While there are some annoying California blue transplants causing trouble, I believe that real Arizonians will lock them up.

Nevada is still a mystery to me, but Adam Laxalt seems to be the winner.

House and Senate

I have spoken to black people who have openly criticized Trump, but said they were confident that they were voting for him. Republicans are aware that they could be punched in their chops for admitting they are Republican. If asked, they will tell you they vote Democrat. These polls are laughable.

I think the polls showing Republicans like Zeldin or Arizona candidate Kari lake up by about 1% are a mistake. Both candidates are likely to rise even more, I believe.

We can’t believe the polls, in other words.

However, I expect the Republicans to pick up at least 40 House seats and maybe closer to 50. I predict at least five Senate seats being picked up, perhaps even more. If there is no cheating.

If John Fetterhuh? If Dr. Oz beats John Fetterhuh?, then Pennsylvania’s voting machines will need an enema. Without Stalin-like election fraud, I don’t see how that could happen.

Hilarity is a possibility

Beta O’Rourke will be spanked, and Stacy Abrams too. Although I don’t know what they do for a living I trust that they will be successful.

Potential Problems

How many other elections, besides 2020, have you ever had not been called on election day in your lifetime? Anyone who claims, “We may never know who won for days” should be suspicious.

Here’s the toilet attendant-in-chief saying exactly that.

Remember that Biden accuses Republicans of everything he does, so when he claims conservatives want “to end Democracy”, I believe he means it.

The messages of both parties will determine the outcome of this race. Republicans promise to reduce crime and improve the economy. Democrats campaign on the right of a woman to have a baby two days before she starts kindergarten. They openly advocate for a 14-year old boy’s “right” to have his penis cut behind his parents backs. They spent nearly two years convincing people that the nation was almost over by January 6. Despite Harvard University and the FBI claiming otherwise,

Biden is a disaster. Nobody wants a president who may eat a crab cake while talking to the pope. Every single thing Biden touched has been thrown away. It was all deliberate. The economy and the brutal response to the Bat Stew Flu were meant to destroy the nation and steal our liberties to usher in the new globalist world order.

Trump gave the Republican Party a makeover. Trump has made it the party of law enforcement, unions and common sense. There were other changes made by the Democrats. They have become the Marxist party for purple-haired dime shops who want to drag your children into an operating room and sever their reproductive organs. They are open to borders, even though 100,000 people per year (many teens) consume fentanyl that they don’t know. The Democrat Party is now a commie.

Vote Republican. Vote for the Bolshies to be removed from office.

Davis Solway wrote recently about the Great Reset. Before you vote tomorrow, please read the following: “The Great Reset: The Perfect Storm.”

Spoiler Alert! The perfect storm Solway speaks of wasn’t an accident.

It is time to punish those merry-andrews that said you should not be allowed to stay in a hospital bed or die because of your refusal to swallow Fauci’s flapdoodle.

Here’s a excerpt from the article “Mocking antivaxxers COVID deaths may be necessary but it is ghoulish”:

One is the conviction that each life is valuable.

On the other hand, people who refuse to take a vaccine that reduces the risk of serious illness from the virus can be considered to have received their just desserts.

The writer was delighted to beclown for her commie masters multiple times in one paragraph.

“Sober medical advice” is a joke.
The vaccine shot was not “known” to do any thing. It was just a guess. We were able to transmit the Hong Kong Fluey and get it back, even though we didn’t have the shot.
just desserts? I won’t say that to those who bend their knees and raise their sleeves for a shot that only fills the pockets of big Pharma. They are my worst nightmare. I cannot imagine living in such fear. Nor can I imagine the Democrats trusting my life and that of their children. They can still choke on their hatred for those who didn’t get the shot.

They will do it again if we don’t penalize the Democrats. They are criminals and we all know what happens to criminals when we don’t punish them. It’s been happening in our country for nearly three years.